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transcription, logging, translation and subtitling services for the media industry

Cityscripts transcriptions are timecoded as standard, and they include references to tape numbers and filenames where appropriate. This means that you can cut and paste from your transcriptions and you'll always know exactly where the text came from.

Our typists are highly experienced in transcribing for the broadcast industry; some are even former production staff. We pride ourselves on our accuracy, and we honour the deadlines we agree on!

Prices: see below

Rates per 1000 words
£10.40 for 2-3 days
£9.50 for longer
£12.00 for 1-2 days
£14.40 for same day/ overnight

Finished Programmes
Commentary & Sync:
£1.45 per minute
For Subtitling
Transcripts can also be done in a 'prep' format suitable for import by subtitlers.
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Upload Files
there are lots of ways of getting files to us, best of all the upload utility on our website.
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Service comes as standard.
Deliver DVDs and drives to our London office
Weekend returns - we don't stop sending your work just because it's the weekend. We know you might have an edit starting on Monday. Request Saturday or Sunday delivery and it shall be done.

Take advantage of our extensive technical know-how, and let us advise you on anything related to our services, be it file conversions, FTP sites, DVD-BITC, Quicktimes, timecode, even Word. Just ask and if we can, we shall help.

020 3318 0880

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