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transcription, logging, translation and subtitling services for the media industry
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  1. Contact us about your job if you don't know the password
  2. The email address on the form is your own, and allows the site to send you a confirmation email once files are successfully uploaded.
  3. If you don't receive an email confirming the upload, assume it DID NOT upload.
  4. If the form above has no password field then your browser is not compatible. Please use Internet Explorer (v5+), Firefox (v2+), Google Chrome, Opera or Safari (v3+). If you're on a Mac (non-Intel running 10.3.9) you will need to use Firefox (v2.0.0.2)
  5. Our upload form makes it possible to upload mulitple files (by repeating the Choose File for each file) but if the files are small consider zipping the files up before sending to make this even easier.
  6. If the files represent different rolls it makes sense to zip them after grouping them into the different rolls and then naming the zip files as per the roll number.
  7. Include relevant info in the comments field that will appear for each file you choose to upload, eg name of interviewee
  8. If the frame rate isn't 25fps then please let us know in the comments or in an email.
  9. If you have broadcast wav files we recommend converting them to something smaller - contact us for more details on how to do this without losing the timecode.

This upload form should work with most browsers - if you don't see a field for a Password however then your browser isn't compatible.

You can send files to us using our wetransfer channel.

If you would like to upload files via FTP instead please email and we will send you the details. (Please note, however, that many corporate networks do not allow FTP access. If you need an FTP client we recommend CoreFtp for Windows and Cyberduck for Mac.)

FTP uploads are generally more reliable if you have an intermittent or slow internet connection, eg mobile phone or non-ADSL. Our FTP site also allows uploads to be resumed if they were disconnected.

timecoded with references to the roll number.
charged by the word or by the minute, as you prefer.
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Post Production Scripts
Finished programmes often need Post Production scripts making to a broadcaster's spec in order to fulfil deliverable requirements.
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Whether you need subtitling for a feature film, TV or a DVD, we have the know-how. Transcripts can also be done in a 'prep' format suitable for subtitlers.
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Shot descriptions
Rough dialogue
Image thumbnails
Delivered in html, word, avid and final cut pro formats
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Service comes as standard.
Deliver DVDs and drives to our London office
Weekend returns - we don't stop sending your work just because it's the weekend. We know you might have an edit starting on Monday. Request Saturday or Sunday delivery and it shall be done.

Take advantage of our extensive technical know-how, and let us advise you on anything related to our services, be it file conversions, FTP sites, DVD-BITC, Quicktimes, timecode, even Word. Just ask and if we can, we shall help.

020 3318 0880

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