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transcription, logging, translation and subtitling services for the media industry

If you have footage that needs logging, call in the professionals. This work will be logged and returned in file formats that can be printed and imported into your edit suite. Logging can best be done from timecoded Quicktime files (eg H264) or you can provide DVD-BITC. Get in touch for more details.

Prices: from £40 per hour of footage.

timecoded with references to the roll number.
charged by the word or by the minute, as you prefer.
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Post Production Scripts
Finished programmes often need Post Production scripts making to a broadcaster's spec in order to fulfil deliverable requirements.
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Whether you need subtitling for a feature film, TV or a DVD, we have the know-how. Transcripts can also be done in a 'prep' format suitable for subtitlers.
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Upload Files
there are lots of ways of getting files to us, best of all the upload utility on our website.
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Service comes as standard.
Deliver DVDs and drives to our London office
Weekend returns - we don't stop sending your work just because it's the weekend. We know you might have an edit starting on Monday. Request Saturday or Sunday delivery and it shall be done.

Take advantage of our extensive technical know-how, and let us advise you on anything related to our services, be it file conversions, FTP sites, DVD-BITC, Quicktimes, timecode, even Word. Just ask and if we can, we shall help.

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